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How to install fonts

First, you will have to uncompress ("unzip") the font. You will need an application such as the shareware program WinZip to extract the font. Use this to uncompress to font to a temporary folder (it has been reported that Windows will not recognize the font files if they are uncompressed directly to c:\windows\fonts\).

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts

Click on File > Install New Font...

Navigate to the browser where your font is, select it, and then click on OK


Simply drag-and-drop your font into the Fonts Windows (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts)

Note: You can also temporarily install fonts by double-clicking on their icon/name in Windows Explorer. This will open a preview window displaying a sample of the font; as long as this window stays open, the font will be available in most Windows programs.

2007. Free fonts are their respective owners and are, to the best of our knowledge, either freeware or shareware.
If anyone knows otherwise please notify us.
All free fonts have been collected from around the web, and maintained with all files intact.

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